An Illustrated Chronicle of the Castle and Barony of Dudley, 1070 – 1757

This book, describing the history of Dudley Castle and the Barony was written by John Hemingway, the Archaeological Officer of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, and was published in 2006 by The Friends of Dudley Castle. 178 pages, including many (colour and black and white) pictures, with a soft cover. £12.50 (excluding postage and packing).

The book is available from Dudley Museum, Dudley Zoo, or direct from The Friends of Dudley Castle at:
The Friends of Dudley Castle, c/o Dudley Zoological Society Offices, Castle Hill, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 4QF

If you order the book direct from The Friends of Dudley Castle, please make cheques payable to “The Friends of Dudley Castle”, and add £2.50 to cover postage and packing in the UK and the rest of Europe. Cheques must be in pounds sterling, and must be drawn on a UK bank. For postage to other parts of the world, please contact us by email before placing your order.

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