The Castle

A rather unusual view of the Keep which includes part of the outer perimeter wall (Photograph: Doug Davies)
A more conventional view of the Keep, with the triple gate in the foreground (and the small elephant statue, which serves as a reminder that for many years Dudley Zoo kept elephants!)
The Sharrington Range, constructed in the 1540’s

The History Of Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle, like many castles in England, was founded shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066. A formidable French knight by the name of Ansculf, who came from Picquigney, near Amiens, gained the estate of Dudley in 1070, following the unsuccessful rebellion of the Saxon lord, Earl Edwin of Mercia … read more

A Tour Of Dudley Castle

You can download a short history of Dudley Castle, and a guided tour of the castle, in PDF (Adobe Reader) format by clicking HERE.

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